— Tedashi M., Gilroy, CA

"Carol has been my coach off and on for a year or so. I never thought about talking to a professional about the things going on in my life because I really never believed it would help, but Carol was referred to me multiple times with high praises. Carol has a gift for helping you sort through issues and challenges to get to the root of where it all started, giving you a greater understanding of why you do the things you do in life. She doesn't mince words and gives you a very straightforward approach to tackling issues you are dealing with. That is what has helped me the most. It has been helpful in my personal life and in my relationship. My girlfriend (now wife) and I were able to learn a lot more about each other and how to work through conflict. We owe a lot to Carol for helping us get past some trials that may have ended our relationship if we had dealt with them the wrong way. 

For first responders, Carol has real insight into our careers and the stresses we deal with. She knows what she's doing and can help with managing the baggage that all of us bring home from work. Several of my coworkers have also gone to see Carol and have had great experiences with her."